NCBAA Mentoring Committee

Endeavors to encourage all members to be ambassadors of business aviation and participate in mentoring activities by supporting aviation professionals who have a desire to advise people who have career interests in private and corporate aviation.  

Our committee will establish a system to facilitate the mentor and mentee connection, manage assets, record outcomes, and actively acquire financial assets to be used for the mentoring program.

Committee Co-Chairs

Ric Coleman

Erik Singh


Victoria Collom

Craig Zirzow

Dan Dailey

Terri Rinehart

James Feulner

Terri Griffith

Herv Hodgson

Shannon Rupe

Herb Spinner

Wendy O'Malley

Kelly Rinehart

Edgar Torres

Matthew Haygood


NCBAA Scholarship & Internships

Congratulations 2018 Scholarship Recipients!

Marcos Aguilar
, Completing Pilot License to pursue a flight career

David Gill, Completing CFI Certificate to pursue a corporate pilot career

Frederic Hewett, Completing his instrument rating in aspirations of instructing students where English is a 2nd language

Martin Mendez, Completing his Private Pilot License to pursue a career in both aircraft maintenance and flight

Scholarships Announcement included a special presentation of the Bob Hoover Academy by Sean D. Tucker

Pictured (left to right): Michael Dworkin, NCBAA President; Frederic Hewett, NCBAA Scholarship Recipient; Erik Singh, NCBAA Mentoring Committee Co-Chair; Martin Mendez, NCBAA Scholarship Recipient; Ric Coleman, NCBAA Mentoring Committee Co-Chair; Sean D. Tucker, Bob Hoover Academy. Not pictured: Marcos Aguilar, NCBAA Scholarship Recipient; David Gill, NCBAA Scholarship Recipient.

Watch the Bob Hoover Academy Video

The purpose of this annual scholarship is to recognize a deserving student who seeks a career in the business aviation industry and is dedicated to making a difference.

Interested in applying for a NCBAA Scholarship?

Application deadline was April 25th, 2018.

Check back for the next application submission date.
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